Our Services

Whatever the data loss situation is, our team of experts will find a effective solution!  PCS Data Recovery specializes in recovering digital data from virtually any failure, including:

Hard Drive RecoveryHard Drive RecoveryWhether you’ve experienced a physical or logical data loss, PCS Data Recovery can get you back up and running again! Our experts can successfully recover data from every make and model of hard drive, regardless of its operating system, interface, or storage capacity.

Memory Card RecoveryMemory Card Recovery
Using specially developed proprietary tools, PCS Data Recovery recovers data from both logically and physically damaged flash media, such as memory cards, USB sticks, and SSD drives. Our engineers have years of experience and we are one of the few companies that can safely recover data from physically damaged flash media.

RAID Array RecoveryRAID Array RecoveryOur expert certified technicians specialize in complex RAID Array recoveries. We work with multiple/nested, spanned, mirrored, and striped RAID Arrays of any size, interface, configuration, or operating system, including highly complex RAID systems such as VMware, NAS, SAS and SCSI interfaces.

Mobile / Tablet Data Recoverytabletphone

The loss of your invaluable photos and videos, important contacts, or significant SMS messages can make it seem like time is standing still. Thankfully, the PCS Data Recovery team can quickly recover your irreplaceable data and get you back on track. Whether your smart phone or tablet was accidentally dropped or broken, damaged by water, simply stopped working, or had some data deleted, our experts are here to help. If they are unsuccessful, there is no charge to you!


Computer ForensicsComputer Forensics
With years of experience handling critical computer forensic services, our forensic experts provide comprehensive analysis of any storage media. This investigative process may involve password cracking, document identification, recovery of intentionally or unintentionally deleted files, and more. We always take special care to make sure the drive is in a write-protected state so the integrity of the original drive is never jeopardized. Each computer forensics case includes a user-friendly diagnostic report that targets the information being sought out, presenting the forensic findings in a direct and concise manner.


Data Transfer / Media ConversonData Transfer / Media Converson

The long and tedious process of transferring data from one storage device to another is made easy with PCS Data Recovery media conversion/data transfer service. Our technicians will safely transfer your data from one device to another, regardless of platform or operating system, using our specialized hardware and software.


  Removable Media RecoveryRemovable Media Recovery

PCS Data Recovery people quickly perform expert data recovery from logically and physically damaged CDs and DVDs.
For a no-obligation evaluation, send your damaged media to us right away. We will contact you immediately upon receipt of your media, getting you back up and running in as little time as possible.

 Second Attempt Recovery

Our second attempt data recovery service assists clients whose hard drives have been previously opened, or who have already sought out data recovery services without success. Using specially developed proprietary tools, our tenacious technicians are often able to recover data that was previously deemed unrecoverable. This service gives you a second chance at recovering your data, because sometimes you just can’t take no for an answer.