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Technical excellence without sacrificing Data.

When comparing data recovery services, we encourage our clients to carefully consider more than just advertised prices, since the success of data recovery depends on the quality of service received. At PCS Data Recovery, we employ the best technology to recover your data.  We charge a fair price for the service we provide.  

If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is
Companies that offer flat-rate recoveries without physically examining your failed media probably aren’t being honest about the very limited recovery work they are willing to do for the low advertised price, or about the final cost of the recovery.

Be aware of hidden fees for “lab work”, “parts”, “high capacity hard dives”, “Mac/Unix”, etc., which will dramatically increase the final cost of recovery. They will often only perform a minimal amount of work for the quoted price, unless the failure is extremely simple. When you consider the frequent need for expensive parts and the time hands-on recovery takes, you can see that truly successful data recovery is generally not possible for the cheap prices these companies advertise.

Case Quantity vs Recovery Quality
Many companies operate by bringing in as many recovery cases as possible, advertising a ridiculously low starting price ($99-$350), which will never apply to your specific situation, or offering a flat-rate for all (regardless of the type of recovery work needed). They will inevitably only recover the simplest cases, declaring the more complicated ones unrecoverable. Sadly, many of these so-called “unrecoverable” cases are actually quite recoverable, provided the company has the tools, expertise, and dedication to successfully recover each and every failed media they receive. With many of these low-cost companies, the quantity of cases trumps the quality (and success) of their recoveries. The first attempt at recovery always has the best chance of success, so this unethical service model spells disaster for many data recovery clients.

At PCS Data Recovery, the opposite is true. We devote as much time and resources as needed for each individual case, never giving up until every possible option is exhausted, regardless of the increased cost these efforts may create on our end. This extra care doesn’t translate into extra fees for our clients—our quoted prices never change, even if the complexity of the recovery does. We go the extra mile toward successful recoveries no matter how difficult the case may be, because we understand how devastating it is to lose priceless data and irreplaceable memories.

Comparing the big name companies
PCS Data Recovery operates with the same industry-leading tools, technologies, and level of expertise as the industry’s brand name companies, so we are able to provide the exact same high-quality data recovery services. Our labs are fully equipped to service every type of storage device and failure, and our dedicated case manager is committed to providing individualized care.

How are PCS Data Recovery prices determined?
Each recovery case begins with a evaluation, which allows our technicians to determine exactly what is wrong with the storage device and the best possible strategy for a successful recovery of its data. This evaluation reveals the kind of work and potential parts necessary for recovery, and provides both us and our clients with a clear assessment of the time, energy, and costs that will go into the recovery, so everyone involved can make an informed decision about how best to proceed.

Our prices are not determined by the drive’s make, model, interface, capacity, operating system, or the amount of data to be recovered. Instead, they are determined solely by the type and extent of damage to your storage device. A logical recovery will naturally be easier to complete than a physical recovery requiring internal work and extra parts, and our pricing reflects these differences. If a case turns out to be a simple fix, the quoted price will reflect the ease of recovery, and is never inflated, exaggerated, or otherwise misleading.

Clear, Honest, Straightforward Pricing
Our quoted prices are clear and straightforward. From the moment we complete your evaluation, you will know exactly how much the recovery will cost – there are no added fees, hidden charges, or confusing hourly rates to worry about. If we determine your storage device is perfectly fine, but perhaps needs a new enclosure or power supply, we will be happy to tell you so and replace or repair it.

No Data, No Charge
We care about getting your data back – and if your recovery isn’t a success, there will be no recovery attempts charge to you, with the exception of the flat rate evaluation fee.

Our no data no charge policy guarantees you only pay for a successful recovery of your data. At the end of the recovery process, you’ll receive a comprehensive searchable list of every file we’ve recovered from your failed device, so you can feel confident that everything has been fully restored. If there’s a partial recovery, you get to decide if the recovered data is worth the quoted price or not.