Why Choose Us?

PCS Data Recovery is your comprehensive solution for any critical data loss.

 PCS Data Recovery is an industry-leading data recovery company, specializing in obtaining usable data from damaged or corrupted digital media. Data recovery is a highly technical process that involves both logical and physical methods, ideally performed in a controlled, clean room environment.

We are exceedingly qualified to offer data recovery services for data loss caused by mechanical, electrical and software problems. Our people have experience and expertise that allows them to recover data from even the most problematic and previously unsuccessful data recovery attempts.

Format is not an issue, we are perfectly equipped to handle Windows, Linux and Mac at the same price levels. Interface is not a problem either, with the same price quotes offered to: IDE, SATA, SAS, SCSI, ZIF, FireWire, and USB users. All of these services come guaranteed, which includes a price quote, diagnostic, and the freedom to decide if data recovery is right for you, all with no strings attached.

PCS Data Recovery is focused on inventing new data recovery technology to match the ever-growing demands of today’s expansive software and hardware technologies. This investment in innovation is an important aspect of PCS Data Recovery’s business model, ensuring customers always receive the latest solutions to their data recovery needs.

Our attentive and knowledgeable case managers provide professional, friendly, and accessible customer service throughout the data recovery process, assuring your needs are always met with urgency, sensitivity, and confidentiality. At PCS Data Recovery, we are passionate about providing each and every one of our customers with the best recovery experience possible.