PartnerMan_XSmallReSeller Program

Were committed to helping you provide your clients with the best possible recovery services that leave everyone happy.

Provide your clients with the premier experience and expertise that PCS Data Recovery offers. We can communicate directly with you or your clients as we provide data recovery services. This freedom allows individuals and businesses to decide on the amount of involvement and control they need over the data recovery services that we provide.

We carry out the data recovery process in a clean room environment using the latest hardware, software and proprietary tools, to provide you and your clients with unmatched data recovery services.

Our Reseller Options provide assistance to individuals and companies seeking additional streams of revenue. Co-marketing Data Recovery services to your clients provides you with a solid new service to offer. Two options are offered.

  1. Resellers not wanting to be directly involved can earn a  15% commission on all successful data recovery cases referred to us in which we work directly with the client.
  2. Resellers looking for more control are welcome to contact us directly while adding our data recovery services to their existing service packages.  Many companies or individuals prefer to handle all communication between their clients and PCS Data Recovery.  We provide resellers with a firm quote, working with them as the data recovery end clients.  This way Resellers are able to determine their own pricing for clients.

The Reseller Program has no membership fees or commitments, nor a minimum volume or setup fee. The No Data No Charge Policy, with the exception of the analysis fee,  applies equally to all resellers and regular clients.

Fill out the Reseller Program Application form and we will begin tracking your participation. After successful completion you may start offering our services immediately.